Mineral Testimonies

 -Anthony Deal-
I bought a couple bags as the season started here in Georgia put a little of the white acorn out and after about 2 weeks it was dug out and scratched all around the spot, best stuff i have used and bought by a long shot if you haven't tried it I recommend it by a bag of cash and try it out you want be disappointed I can promise that!
   -Keith Merser-
"October 5th 2018 at 8:30 I had this guy come in. He was sniffing around the area I recently put Maniac Outdoors green apple mineral. I was hesitant to try something like this but gave it a shot. I started seeing more activity after about a week or two. This buck came right into the mineral. Thank you Maniac Outdoors for a Great product and customer service, This really does work."

  -CJ Lauderdale-

"After Comparing Maniac Mineral to other name Brand mineral companies in the industry myself and my outdoor team have come to notice there is no other mineral/supplement that can compare! Maniac Mineral produces Over and Over. Even after it appears to be gone they are still at these sites nightly. Maniac Mineral will have my support as well as my teams support as Long as it's on the shelf! Great Company. And even better Product!"
 -Shawn J.-
“After testing for ourselves, we found Maniac Outdoors - Maniac Mineral to be by far the best mineral on the market today!!!  Maniac Outdoors has taken deer minerals to the next level.”

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