What Flavors are available?

Currently, at Maniac Outdoors, we offer Sweet Corn & Molasses and Green.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the flavor blend separately.  These flavors can be added to any feed or mineral mix on the market today. 

The flavoring in each bag of the mineral is revolutionary. This flavoring provides your deer herd with numerous benefits to include:

  • Improved digestive system
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Weight Gain and Antler Development


What makes Maniac Minerals unique from similar products?

The conditioner in the Maniac Outdoors - Maniac Minerals makes us unique from all other mineral manufacturers.  The conditioner allows animals to utilize the mineral and nutrients in the feed immediately.  Most minerals currently available in today's market contain only trace minerals.  When a ruminant processes trace minerals, most of the minerals are not absorbed right away and leave the body before doing so.  Our minerals are absorbed faster and more efficiently with the aid of the conditioner.  The results are better antler growth, better milk production, better body weights, and better fawn production.  Bottom line, the money you invest in your mineral is not left on the ground.


Does Maniac Minerals have an expiration date?

No, and it can be used year-round either by itself or mixed with the feed you would normally put out for your deer herd.  Make sure to follow your state game laws.


How do I use Maniac Minerals?

Maniac Outdoors - Maniac Minerals can be used in two ways. First, find a place on your property with signs of deer activity and rake up an area approximately 6 feet x 6 feet.  Next, spread the mineral evenly in this area.  Another way we have seen deer hunters benefit from this product is to pour Prime on a stump and the ground surrounding the stump. Deer are attracted to the scent, so make sure there is a water source nearby when using any mineral based product.


What are Maniac Minerals made of?

Maniac Outdoors - Maniac Minerals is a special combination of over 60 Natural Minerals in a formula that is ready to be utilized by the animals. Maniac Outdoors enhanced Maniac Minerals by adding 5 great flavors developed primarily to attract deer. Maniac Minerals is a way to improve the health of your deer and can also be utilized as a scent attractant.

Below is a brief description of the key ingredients in Maniac Outdoors - Maniac Minerals and the role that each key ingredient plays in assisting your deer herd to reach their full potential:

  • Calcium – Assists with bone and antler growth, teeth, and milk.
  • Phosphorus - Assists with bone and antler growth, reproduction, and energy metabolism.
  • Vitamin A – During the antler growing season and the reproductive period deer tend to require higher levels of Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin D Essential in assisting the deer in absorbing the calcium and assisting in the mineralization of bone.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E interrelates with selenium and assists in the reproductive health and lactation in does.
  • Magnesium Assists in the growth of bones and antlers.
  • Potassium - A key electrolyte to assist deer with water balance.
  • Selenium – Important for the immune system. It's at the highest concentration in the tines /beams of developing bucks.
  • CobaltNecessary for the formation of B-12 and aids in digestion.
  • CopperPlays a role in fertility and immunity.
  • ManganeseUsed in many enzyme functions related to energy and protein metabolism.
  • ZincPlays a role in the immune system, male reproduction, skin, and hoof health.
  • Salt Deer require extra salt in their diet during the growing season due to the change in a deer's diet.

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