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We know there are a lot of deer mineral attractants on the market, but none of them seem to focus on producing healthier deer. That is when it all began, how could we help build a healthier deer that could produce substantial body size and larger racks and of course nursing does that just gave birth. After working with a Professor of Ruminant Nutrition at a major university and two well respected deer nutritionist's, I got to work and developed Maniac Outdoor Mineral Supplement & Attractant FUEL THE RACK
  Most minerals on the market only contain trace minerals. When an animal processes trace minerals most minerals leave the body before being adsorbed. Maniac Outdoors Mineral Supplement & Attractant added a special conditioner that allows deer to absorb the minerals and nutrients immediately. This immediate absorption results in larger body weight, helps antler growth, healthier fawns and better milk production in nursing doe's. It also contains Probiotics to boost & balance the immune system, Prebiotics to aid in digestibility and absorption. It also has Humic acid which studies suggest it can help to eliminate Chronic Wasting Disease prions in the soil level. It has an anti-clumping process that allows our minerals to stay granular even on those wet days, so the money you invest in minerals is not left on the ground. Let Maniac Outdoors Mineral Supplement & Attractant Fuel The Rack and help assist you in herd health management and of course Larger racks to get the adrenaline pumping hard! So Be Ready to FUEL THE RACK.

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